Saturday, February 21, 2009

Movement as Medicine

Greetings, Namaste, Metta everyone,

This is a brand new blogsite to inform and enliten on any and all areas, topics, developments, inventions, technologies, systems and products pertaining to and about the use of movement as medicine, self-healing, stress management and Brain-Body exercise & fitness thru movement therapy, movement with awareness, movement groovement, Movement Medicine, Movement Meditation, Exercises of Attention, Rhythm Therapy, Muscle-Brain Integration, Intuitive Yoga, Pleasurecise, Inversion Therapy, Yoga-Swings, Ecstatic Dance, Express Dance, Yoga-Dance, home gyms, sensori-motor integration and neuro-muscular mastery.

WE welcome any input or insight regarding new methods and approaches available out there you would like me to review or post to spread the word about. Please give me feedback re: my work, videos or inventions. The products and movement technologies are all designed to facilitate the gloabl paradigm shift away from the dead end left brain consciousness of linear, unilateral, dualistic, 2 dimensional awareness towards a more quantum, infinite, multi-dimensional awarensss and perception. Such as what you will see in the following video clips, guarateed to blow your minds (figuratively and literally).